Paranormal Romance: Chosen Soul by S. Lawrence

Paranormal Romance: Chosen Soul by S. Lawrence

July 31, 2019 Paranormal Romance 0

Who This Book Recommendation is For

Wondering what to read after C.N. Crawford‘s Dark King, Debra Dunbar’s Imp seriesJ.R. Ward’s Fallen Angels Series, or Nalini Singh’s Guild Hunter Series?

Chosen Soul is the story of Charlie and Dagen, a prince of hell. Unearthly Ever Afters recommends this title for fans of C.N. Crawford, Debra Dunbar, Nalini Singh, Sherriyln Kenyon, and Gena Showalter.

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These angels don’t have halos, and the demons aren’t after your soul.

Charlie has fled from death her entire life, but it’s finally caught up to her. Now to survive, she must go to hell.

Dagen is a Prince of Hell who recently discovered his forgotten past. He has battled the Fallen, those angels determined to destroy humanity for thousands of years.

When Charlie runs into his bar to escape her fate, they both might find their destiny.

Turns out being killed might not be the worst thing that can happen to you!

Fans of Sherrilyn Kenyon, Gena Showalter, I.T. Lucas, and Dannika Dark will pray for more of this urban fantasy series.

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