Paranormal Cozy Mystery: Out Like a Goddess by April Canavan

Paranormal Cozy Mystery: Out Like a Goddess by April Canavan

May 28, 2019 Cozy Mystery Paranormal Romance 30

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Wondering what to read after Juliet Blackwell’s Witchcraft MysteriesDarynda Jones’s Charley Davidson Series, or Neil Gaiman’s American Gods?

Out Like A Goddess, Book One in the Surprise Goddess Mystery series, follows Evangeline Lewis, a secret goddess who finds herself in a race against time to discover the force behind the disappearance of gods. Unearthly Ever Afters recommends this title for fans of Neil Gaiman, Darynda Jones, Charlaine Harris, Victoria Laurie, and Janet Evanovich.

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They say she’s a goddess, but she definitely doesn’t act like one.

Evangeline Lewis thinks the gods must be crazy. First, they say she’s a goddess, and now they’ve given her a job that almost no one can do: fix whatever the gods of Olympus break.

Soon, Eva takes her first official client and discovers that someone is kidnapping gods…and no one on Olympus cares. Her investigation leads her deep into the inner workings of Olympus, and the gods that call it home. With visions of what’s to come, Eva finds herself in a race against time to find and confront the force behind the vanishing gods.

With every disappearance, the stakes only get more dire. When Eva’s visions finally reveal the culprit, she’s left with a difficult choice: embrace her true nature as a goddess and all the pain that comes with it…or leave Olympus to face total, irreparable destruction.

Watch as the cozy mystery of Juliet Blackwell meets the immortal gods of Neil Gaiman in this stunning series. One click your copy today!

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  1. Tabitha says:

    Looks veddy interesting!

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    Book Looks and Sounds Like a fantastic Read!

  3. Laura says:

    Love it! 🙂

  4. Sue MacKenzie says:

    Sounds like an interesting read.

  5. Saundra Wright says:

    Looks interesting.

  6. Debra Shutters says:

    thanks for the chance in the giveaway 🙂

  7. Edna says:

    Love the ideal of a goddess as a the god’s house keeper

  8. Cheryl Nichols says:

    Splendid and I shared . Super nice. Thank you so much.

  9. Andrea Dunigan says:

    Have a few of your books on my TBR. Thank you for the chance 🙂

  10. Debra Schlesener says:

    Sounds great

  11. Anna Fay says:

    Thanks for the chance!!

  12. Desiree Kessler says:

    Can’t wait to read it! 💖

  13. Natalie Holcomb says:

    Love the cover and Out Like a Goddess sounds like fantastic unique take on mythology mixed with an action packed adventurous mystery. Sounds like a book that would l would love to spend reading for pure enjoyment on a long rainy cold weekend! Thank you so much for this give away and for introducing me to a book that is definitely going on my list of books 📚📚📚 that are must reads!!!

  14. Emmaline🌷 says:

    Ooh I have this book! The cover caught my eye.

  15. I can’t wait to be able to read this!!

  16. Donna Swenson says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this book.

  17. Melissa Basnight says:

    Live to read this book, looks good.

  18. Judith Watson says:

    I’ve read other books about goddess and thoroughly enjoy them. This sounds good!

  19. Davina Bowlin-Robinson says:

    Can’t wait to read it! Thanks for the chance.

  20. Charissa N. says:

    Sounds like a fun read!

  21. Sunnymay says:

    Not a goddess is pretty funny.

  22. kim says:

    loveit 🙂

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    love it 😀

  24. James Robert says:

    Thank you for sharing your book with us. I always look forward to finding out about another great read.

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    Looks like a great read.

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    Looking forward to read the book

  28. Stella says:

    I look forward to read the book

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    The book sounds great and I love the cover!

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    Looks very interesting.

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