Unearthly Ever Afters is a paid newsletter service – similar to Bookbub, but genre-specific to paranormal romance & science fiction romance. Much like Bookbub, the cost of our service covers our time, expertise, and carefully curated lists. We take pride in creating beautiful mailers to bring your book in front of more than 50,000 hungry readers.

From there, it’s up to you to ensure your book is the selling point! Our readers are most likely to one-click books with:

  • A professional, genre-relevant cover
  • A concise, professionally edited blurb
  • Competitive pricing

We cannot guarantee results, because your mileage may vary based on those three factors, as well as any number of outside factors. But for the low price of our service, a $2.99 book takes few sales to earn the cost back, while also putting your work into the hands of a new audience.


Are you currently accepting bookings?

Yes! We have two separate newsletters (paranormal romance & sci-fi romance), and each newsletter has 5 slots per mailing. We email on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays every week. If you attempt to book and receive an error that your chosen slot is not available, go back and choose the next slot until one is available. If you reach the 5th slot and still receive the error, then that day is booked up.

We also offer a NEW service! We’ve partnered with Book Rebel to offer 7-step brand builders. This is a top-tier service to get your new releases in front of the right audience while also building your social media and newsletter followings. You get a newsletter feature with both Book Rebel and Unearthly Ever Afters, as well as social media posts on all our combined social accounts. We also set up a builder giveaway specifically for YOU to build any of your preferred social followings. The best part – we handle the marketing for your builder! If you’re interested in this service, you can sign up at this link!

My book is both paranormal AND sci-fi romance! Which list do I choose?

If your book falls under both genres, you are welcome to submit to both lists! The lists are completely separate and reach two different audiences. If your budget only covers one list, we suggest choosing the list that most closely resembles your book.

I write Fantasy Romance. Would that fit either of your lists?

Our paranormal list is curated to readers who love paranormal romance; our sci-fi list is curated to people who love sci-fi romance. We can’t speak for our readers outside of those genres. If your fantasy romance contains either paranormal elements or elements of science fiction, you’re welcome to give it a try! We won’t turn you away.

Can I submit a book that’s $3.99?

Of course! Keep in mind, free books and books priced at 99c will always do better than books at higher price points. But if you have a 3.99 book with a phenomenal cover and blurb, you’re still gonna sell. It depends on what you’re aiming for – growing your fan base (through higher sales return)? Go for free or 99c. Earning higher royalties (through smaller sales numbers)? Go for $2.99 to $3.99. We wouldn’t recommend price points higher than $3.99. Books in Kindle Unlimited will see a longer tail of ROI in the weeks following as our readers contribute to page reads.

Can I submit the second book in my series?

You can submit whatever book you want, as long as it’s PNR or SFR. But remember, if you feature a sequel that cannot be read as a stand-alone, that may affect your ROI. Newsletter services like UEA need to be utilized in the one-click mindset – your book’s cover and blurb should make the reader click and purchase without forcing them to go buy the first in the series in order to enjoy the one you’ve featured. The more steps you give a potential customer, the less likely they’ll buy.

Can I submit a boxed set?

Heck yeah! A boxed set – whether a bundle of your books or a collection of different books by different authors – is a heck of deal. Go forth and submit – our readers will eat them up!

Can I submit my upcoming release without the ASIN?

No, unfortunately not. Even if you submit with the good intentions of ensuring you send the ASIN prior to your booking date, life happens! It’s not fair to the UEA staff to have to try to chase down ASINs at the last minute. Thanks for understanding!

How often can I submit the same book?

We recommend waiting at least 3 months between features of the same book to ensure you get fresh eyes on your work. In the meantime, you can feature your other books with us!

Are social media shares included?

Yes! We do a Twitter and Facebook blast for every featured book. Books with stellar covers and discount pricing will be shared with our Instagram. Our social channels are small, but ever-growing!

Something came up! Can I cancel and get a refund?

Unfortunately, there are no refunds. UEA is a service provider. Each newsletter takes time and talent – no different than sitting at a desk and answering emails or phone calls for a boss. You are paying for the services we provide, not just an advertisement. If you’re unsure whether or not you want to book with UEA, don’t hesitate to email us prior to booking.

Why don’t you offer other genres?

UEA’s passion is paranormal romance and sci-fi romance. This passion has allowed us to build a mailing list that LOVES these genres. So while we do welcome urban fantasy romance and fantasy-romance, we don’t think genres outside those will appeal to our highly curated list. If you write non-romantic urban fantasy and fantasy, feel free to check out our sister site Fantasy Book Deals. For other genres like sci-fi, horror, and contemporary, we recommend Book Rebel!

I need to send my book on a Tuesday, why do you only offer M-W-F?

The more often you send newsletters to your list, the less they’ll want to stick around. Most people already feel their inboxes are way too full of stuff they don’t even want to look at. UEA wants to make sure our readers never feel annoyed by our newsletters. We want them to value us the same way we value them! Sending three newsletters a week is still a lot. And we believe that these particular days allow for overlap on most promotions – ie if you’re planning a Tuesday push, UEA could easily keep your tail rising with a Wednesday booking.