Fantasy Book Recommendation: Forbidden War by D.C. Gomez

Fantasy Book Recommendation: Forbidden War by D.C. Gomez

February 11, 2019 Fantasy Books 41

Who This Book Recommendation is For

Wondering what to read after Kim Harrison’s The Hollows , Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files, or Charlaine Harris’s Midnight Texas Series?

We’ve found your perfect match.

Forbidden War, the third installment in The Intern diaries, packs fantasy creatures into authentic cities to create a fun, suspenseful read.  Unearthly Ever Afters recommends this title for fans of Kim Harrison, Jim Butcher, and Charlaine Harris.

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War is on the verge of breaking out in Texarkana, and it’s up to Isis to stop it.

With the vampires and elves at each other’s throats, Texarkana couldn’t be in more trouble. When Genevieve, the heir to the elf kingdom goes missing, Isis is stuck in the middle of a faction war she knows nothing about. But, when she finds out Genevieve is engaged to Arthur, the heir to the Vampire Empire, she realizes the path of destruction will be great if she can’t find the princess.

Isis is the only person that doesn’t believe that either faction is hiding the princess. In fact, she thinks someone kidnapped her, and the longer the clock ticks, the more trouble Genevieve could be in.

As Death’s Intern in Texarkana, Isis is the only one who can stop this war before it begins. Danger lurks around every corner she searches, and with time working against her, she is scared she might be too late to save Genevieve.

Will Isis find Genevieve before it’s too late, or will she be thrown right into the middle of the next World War?

Forbidden War is a fantasy adventure with a spunky, sassy, sarcastic character you can’t help but fall in love with, filled with vampires, elves, trolls, demons, and more exciting creatures presented in new and imaginative ways!

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What Readers Are Saying

This book grips you from the first word and doesn’t let go until the end. Isis is an amazing, spunky, sassy, sarcastic character you can’t help but fall in love with. ★★★★★ – Amazon Reviewer (“A bookreader”)

Fun read by itself; even better in sequence. This book has everything: vampires, elves, trolls, demons…even a 5,000 year old cat named Constantine. Oh…and humans too! ★★★★★ – Amazon Reviewer (ecoleman)
Isis is the kind of bad-ass that we all want to root for in this life. It’s an easy read that takes you through emotional highs and lows, and leaves you feeling like there is hope to overcome evil in the world. ★★★★★ – Amazon Reviewer (Mrs. Hannah)

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